About Us

Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc.

CBS Inc. is a South Australian Not-for-Profit organisation with the goal of helping people achieve success by working with them to plan their futures, achieve their personal goals and improve their quality of life.
We focus on our clients’ strengths and interests through mutual respect and understanding, and we are a recognised leader in the provision of support for people with disability in the areas of open employment, personal support, further education and recreation. Our services operate in metropolitan Adelaide as well as in rural and remote South Australia.

The Inspiration

The Bearded Dragon Gallery is a Social Enterprise initiative of Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc.

Since 1999 CBS Inc. have been running art classes and recreation supports for people with disability. Over that time, we have recognised that although the artwork people with disability create is often exceptional, there was not a permanent place for the public to see these works and so, the Bearded Dragon Gallery was born.

Whilst originally it was an avenue for the public to purchase outstanding pieces from local artists who identify as living with disability, we discovered it is far greater than that. The Bearded Dragon Gallery is a safe space that bring together people from all walks of life in an inclusive environment.

The Gallery is a space for collaboration, for creating positive conversations between likeminded organisations trying to lift the ceilings on social justice issues, and the stigmatisation primarily of people with a disability who often feel overlooked and invisible in the community.

The Bearded Dragon Gallery also stands for hope. Marlene Post, the creator of our logo, was a talented artist and valued exhibitor of the Gallery. Marlene painted and drew dragons because they symbolised power in her life. She loved “that they breathe fire” and “have the ability to fly”. Her positive illustrations and love of colour inspired the Gallery to empower artists to take control and express themselves.

Our store located in the prestigious Gays Arcade, Adelaide features a collection of artworks and craftworks created by South Australian artists who identify as living with a disability or as we like to say, artists with an ability – an ability to surprise and delight.

The Inspiration

BEARDED DRAGON GALLERY is a Social Enterprise business of Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc.