Colour: SALA Exhibition 2023


This year’s Bearded Dragon Gallery SALA exhibition, titled Colour, incorporates works from eight South Australian artists living with disability or mental health barriers. Each artist uses art as an emotional release and form of self-expression to overcome lived experiences and personal barriers. These artists share a passion for sharing feelings and making connections with others through a visual language.

This exhibition explores how colour is an important part of artistic expression, as it can be used to convey emotions and capture the real or surreal.

In artist Dan Withey’s words, “When I think of colours, it usually takes the shape of its brightest and most pure form. Colour has always been something I have been fascinated with throughout my life and career as an artist. I find it hard to limit my pallet when painting. But I find it fun to challenge myself by working with the limitations of a singular colour and lino prints as a medium lends itself well to conveying a powerful image with a single colour.”

These artists come from different backgrounds and artistic inspiration but have one thing in common – they have a love for art. While some are more established in their careers, we also wanted to give emerging artists an opportunity to showcase their skills and build their confidence. We hope you will embrace them all, in Colour.

Thank you to Dan Withey, Paul Galbraith, Nigel Matejcic, Joe Amuso, Audrey Vanden Heuvel, Meredith Liang and Daniel Tsatsaronis for being involved in this years SALA event.

Our exhibition will officially open on Friday 11th August with a special event in Adelaide Arcade from 5pm, along with our friends in the Adelaide Arcade. There will be live music, drinks & nibbles and many more SALA exhibitions to visit while you’re here. Please come along and feel welcome in our space, no need to RSVP.

Exhibition running: 1st – 31st August
Official Opening: Friday 11th August 5pm – 8pm