Artist Call Out: One Exhibition


The Bearded Dragon Gallery is looking for South Australian artists who identify as living with a disability or barrier for our upcoming exhibition titled: ONE 

one land – one ocean – one life 


The artwork should embrace the theme of living in one world and reflect your experiences or feelings. These can be either positive or negative, for example, climate change, the place you love, animals or humans in the environment, pollution, or healing the planet. 

You can express yourself through paintings, drawings, sculptures, textiles, ceramics, prints and digital art. We are particularly interested in art that utilises the repurposing of materials.


Artwork Specifications:

All artworks must be for sale, have a title and a price.

If you are a new artist with us, we would love to know more about you! Please also include a short description about yourself and your artwork.

Call the Gallery on 0447 962 358 if you need help pricing your artwork

Maximum size for artwork: 1m x 1m

Maximum of 3 artworks per person in this exhibition

Please provide a photo of your artwork before 9th November to

Please deliver artwork before 23rd November to the Bearded Dragon Gallery in Gays Arcade or Stirling. 

If you need help framing, we suggest contacting our friends at:


If you have any other questions, please contact the friendly team on 0447 962 358.

Looking forward to seeing your artworks,  the team will be in touch regarding your submissions as they come through! 


If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out some our suggestions below…


Flowerly Valley, Meredith Liang –  Welcome, Dean Wilson –  Turtle a float, Kane Tomkinson – Creepy Hollow, Sean Wessex-Brown