Metamorphosis SALA Exhibition 2022

Metamorphosis incorporates works from three South Australian artists living with disability or mental health barriers, Lydia Eden, Jason O’Malley and Kane Tomkinson. Each artist uses art as an emotional release and form of self-expression to overcome lived experiences and personal barriers. These artists share a passion for sharing feelings and making connections with others through a visual language.

Metamorphosis brings together these artists in the Bearded Dragon Gallery, located in the iconic Gays Arcade adjacent to Adelaide Arcade as part of the SALA Festival.

Lydia Eden sees her art as an emotional visual language – not just to paint and portray; but to evoke feelings, connections and engage with others. Lydia’s style is abstract realism and she works with mixed media such as acrylic paints, pastels, and watercolours. Art is her haven to escape and to find inspiration and is an expression of who she is.

Jason spent many years in the army and Police force and was introduced to art therapy as way of managing PTSD. Despite not being an overly artistic child, while hospitalised in 2018 Jason began painting with oil pastels. His passion and skills only grew from here. Jason loves drawing Australian landscapes and has been lucky to see a lot of this country and the colours that it possesses.

Kane sees the beauty in discarded materials and uses them to his advantage. His handmade sculptures are made from reclaimed and recycled metals, making trash into treasure! Kane is inspired by the natural world and loves making sculptures of animals. Kane also attends art classes and is keen to grow his skills.

This exhibition is brought to you by the Bearded Dragon Gallery, a Social Enterprise Business of Community Bridging Services (CBS Inc). The Gallery is operated exclusively by people with disability where all staff are paid award wages. All artworks in the Gallery have been created by local artists living with a disability, providing a safe space for community members to exhibit and sell their art.