Hand Wrap Sterling Silver Rings

– Austalian Chrysoprase       – Carnelian

– Snowflake Obsidian            – Garnet

– Dalmation Jasper                – Red Coral

– Blue Denim Jasper              – Howlite

– Australian Mookaite           – Ruby Zoisite

Hand Made in Adelaide South Australia



Aruna Singh South Australian Jewellery maker

Inner Sense Jewellery is the creative pursuit of Australian artist Aruna Singh. Aruna is a self-taught jewellery designer whose childhood love for mother nature’s gems paved the way for making jewellery with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Aruna’s main method of making jewellery is a technique known as wire wrapping. Wire wrapping and wire weaving is the art of wrapping, curving, bending, and manipulating wire to create jewellery.

By taking wire and wrapping/weaving it around itself and/or gemstones, beads and other components, unusual and unique pieces of wearable art can be formed.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this method of jewellery making is that neither soldering nor drilling is required nor any of the usual equipment needed for other classic methods of casted jewellery.

For more information, please find Aruna through her website at www.innersensejewellery.com and on social media @innersensejewellery.