Teacher Of The Wise


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Felicity Knowles

Teacher Of The Wise

Acrylic, Paint & Alcohol Markers on Canvas

50 x 30cm





Felicity Knowles is a year 10 student who lives and assists with the care of her 4 siblings who all live with Autism level 2. 

Felicity has a difficult time seeing due to having poor eyesight which requires her to wear glasses almost 100% of the time. Even though she is only 15 years old, Felicity has experienced some extreme life events that have greatly impacted her and the way she experiences life. Felicity tries to see the positive side, creating fun whilst enjoying the little things in life.

Felicity doesn’t see her friends as much as she would like due to family commitments, but finds school is an amazing escape from the responsibilities that she has. Felicity loves to sing, dance, have a yarn and learn something new. Learning is often difficult for Felicity when her work piles up, raising her anxiety levels, but she always does her best to push through and finish it all.

Felicity us inspired by the Aboriginal artworks and artists within her community because it makes her feel closer to her heritage. As an Aboriginal person, Felicity is drawn closer to her culture through her artworks. She always adds a modern yet unique creative twist with the choice of mediums she uses through her expressive narratives of her artworks. Felicity’s ideas flow from how she feels, the places that she has lived, having a strong sense of belonging to this deadly country that is Australia, and how she sees the world we live in now.

Singing and dancing were used before colonisation through teachings and learning. Felicity feels she has incorporated this in a simplistic way throughout this piece ‘Teacher of the Wise’. Felicity has two digital drafts as well as the canvas you are looking at now! The Dreamtime stories like the ‘The Rainbow Serpent’ are things we are lucky to be taught and Felicity loves the Dreamtime tradition of storytelling.

Dimensions 50 × 30 cm