Swimming In Harmony

Digital Art Framed

H 42 x W 59 cm

Made in Adelaide South Australia



Grace is a multidisciplinary artist and has experience in visual arts, performing arts and piano performance. She is also a proud finalist in the 7 News Young Achievers Carclew Creative Achievement Award for 2021. Grace has Down Syndrome, hearing and visual impairment. Grace has overcome significant challenges and develops her own style of artwork with joyous, vibrant colours.

Grace has achieved what most people consider impossible. When she completed high school in 2019, her job opportunities where practically non-existent becoming a very stressful and worrying time for Grace. She then started her own business called ‘Grace’s Handmade Cards’. Grace specialises in digital art, which allows her to enlarge the images to accommodate for visual impairment. Grace’s designs are displayed on cards, t-shirts, tote bags and framed prints, since then her business has grown and is now self-sustainable.

Grace sees herself as one of the many ambassadors for people with disability. Grace wants to show others that people living with disabilities are capable of contributing to society and hopes to help change society’s perception of disability. Grace donates part of her profits to charity as part of her effort to give back to society.