Have My Heart

A Book of Poems

Made in Adelaide South Australia



Ella Coulter an South Australian Author

Ella is 32 years old and cannot remember a time where she hasn’t used writing poetry as a tool to express her feelings. Growing up, Ella suffered extreme anxiety and depression, she also used alcohol to escape her mind. When Ella was 29, she went to rehab for three months in an attempt to change her life, and she did. Admitting that she needed help was one of the hardest things she has ever done, but taking that step, led her to where she is today and is the reason, she had the courage to share these poems with you.

Ella is a very emotional person and feels things very deeply. She is inspired by her past and present experiences and the lessons she has learnt as a result. At times in her life, the only thing keeping her from total self-destruction was writing poetry, it is extremely important her. Writing poetry gives Ella a voice. This book was a healing process for her when she was struggling to say how she felt. Being creative gives her a sense of identity and freedom.

Ella would like the reader to experience a strong emotion when they read her work, because a strong emotion has always inspired that poem. She wrote these poems over ten years and never thought she would show them to anyone. In fact, she was ashamed of them. But, as she grew in confidence and became healthier, physically and mentally, Ella wanted to share her poetry in the hope that it could help someone going through the same depression and anxiety she experienced, to not feel so alone.

Ella’s favorite medium is pen and paper. It is simple, but all she needs to create her poetry. Inspiration can hit at any time of the day or night. Ella likes to be alone with no distractions and in a calming environment. Whenever she has a strong emotion about something, she puts some music on, lights a candle, and writes away! There is something romantic to her about hand-written work. She knows a lot of people who write to express themselves, whether it be letters, poems, or lyrics. She does not consider herself an artist really, she just finds freedom in putting her feelings on paper. She would love to hear her poetry through song one day.

Ella is truly grateful to have had so much support and encouragement from family, friends, her partner, and people in recovery.  This book is not an easy read, and the people in her life are nothing but proud of her for being brave enough to share it. Artists that she admires are Sia, Amy Winehouse, Jhene Aiko, Rupi Kaur, Beyonce, Hannah Gadsby… the list goes on. She is inspired by brave, strong women who are not afraid to speak their truth.

She’d love that when she is 80 years old, she will be able to grab a book from the bookshelf, read all of her handwritten poetry to her children and show them the original scribbles (before Have My Heart was created).