Gould’s Goanna


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Kym Hendy

Gould’s Goanna

Colour Pencil on Paper Framed

29.7cm x 42cm




Kym Hendy is 51 years old and was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder over 20 years ago, when she was in her late twenties.

Kym has been drawing and painting as a hobby her entire life. Her artwork has been deeply influenced by her study of global myths, Jungian philosophies, and fascination with tarot cards.

Kym is also a great lover of nature and wildlife, in particular native Australian plants and animals, inspiring her to start creating a series of works based on these themes.

Her artworks express her creative soul and deep love of Mother Nature. In the future, Kym seeks to continue working on her series of native Australian plants and animals and also to further depict her interest in symbolism and mythology as an aid to her ongoing therapy.