Fruit Chutney


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Robert Eckert

Fruit Chutney

Framed Watercolour

15cm x 20cm




Robert Eckerts has been painting since 2011, exhibiting mostly in his hometown of Strathalbyn. There, Robert had his own solo exhibition and sold 90% of his work, which was exciting.

Robert calls himself an ‘abstract colourist’ and is inspired by landscapes, birds and flowers.

Robert, not patient enough for oil as you must let it dry between each moment, has grown a love for water colours.

Robert also paints in acrylic, but finds the colour tends to dull after time and dries too hard and rigid for his tastes. Whilst water colour leaves no room for error, it is vibrant and fun.

Robert once owned a gifts and crafts shop which lead to his appreciation of colour, through time spent admiring and mixing colours with a row of DMC embroidery threads.

When you look for Robert’s signature in his pieces, look for the chook’s head which contains his initials “R.P.E”. The R is found in the wattle, E represented in the eye of the beak, and the E in the cone.