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Flowers-Purple, Blue, Pink

H 51 cm x W 76 cm

Acrylic Painting on Canvas



Nigel Matejcic is an South Australian Artist

Nigel Matejcic is a local artist born and based in Adelaide, South Australia. Nigel describes himself as an Abstract Expressionist working with non-realism and feeling. The works created through Nigel reflect themes of Unconditional Love and Being. His works contain Spiritual Light Codes. These Codes are of Theta Frequency and drop into the Creator Consciousness. Nigel explains: “The lines in my works are painted non-symmetrically with the intention of Love.  They don’t ‘add up’. I Be in the moment. The artworks are Beings. They express a deeper truth of the perfection in imperfection and that we too are lovable while we are imperfect.” Nigel understands such perfection in imperfection as he has Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder. He creates art with the intention of Unconditional Love to help show others that they too can love themselves and see themselves as perfect and lovable in their imperfection.