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Joshua Eichler

Custom Shoes #2

Size: US Men’s 9.5

Hand Made In Australia



Joshua Eichler is an South Australian Artist

Joshua started drawing at school when he first started doodling and sketching in class.

He found that art became his favorite subject and that he preferred it to any of his other studies and was soon spending more time drawing and designing comics.

He says that he “draws blind” when creating his artwork, which for him means that he clears his mind of everything and shuts out the “noise” of the world.

Joshua says that it is best that he does not think too much and whatever he feels at that moment will end up on paper or canvas – he just lets the art take over.

He finds that this is a great way for him to relax.

As well as his intricate drawings, Joshua also likes to express himself with his vibrant acrylic paintings and pastels and also, he has recently started applying his wonderful designs to Converse sneakers.